NNTV worksites: Wallington

Stone heads at Wallington

The Wallington estate surrounds the house, home of the Blackett and Trevelyan families and is a combination of formal landscape gardens (our chance to chop about the work of local boy "Capability" Brown), woodland and farmland. There are formal gardens, many ponds, and extensive woodland in which we work, as well as other estate land further away from the house.

Some of our work here has been in response to problems such as flooding from ponds eroding paths or damaging the more formal areas.

Typical tasks
Woodland clearance, pond and path maintenance.
Usual meeting point
This may change, so always check with the workday co-ordinator
Main carpark by the house, off the B6342 south of Cambo.
Map for finding site
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National Trust webpage description
Tea shop, shop. Base camp.
Other information

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